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Pause at the Summit

September is the gateway month, zenith of summer, commencement of a new school year. Its cool breezes harbinger falling leaves and winter chill.

There’s something innately fresh and new about September. Nature seems to resolutely exhale, readying itself for a deep breath of fall color.

September, like the top of a yearly roller coaster ride, is the end of a sluggish, lazy climb through summer with a pause at the summit for a final taste of sunshine and picnics before plunging into fall.

From the vantage point of September, summer wavers in heat-warped distortions, and future days blur into a steep, rapid descent toward the color and complexities of October, November and December. Time to brace for the inevitable up and down turbulent tumble to the end of the year.

September embodies anticipation and trepidation, delicious feelings of hope and promise. It epitomizes endings and beginnings more than January does. There’s something about September that has me doing jumping jacks on the sidelines, itching to settle into starting blocks, eager to join the race. Adrenaline surges. Put me in, Coach!

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